the charging station for all your devices

the charging station for all your devices


It can charge up to 10 devices at the same time. Find out how it works.

Retractable connectors

Pull the connectors and charge your devices. When you proceed with the purchase, you are the one who chooses the retractable connectors to be inserted in the Feligan charging station

USB ports

Use your cables and charge what you want

Universal electrical sockets

Equipped with two universal electrical sockets * Feligan charging stations can power any electrical device. You can connect plugs from all over the world without the need for adapters.
*excluding mod. PowerBrick

configure now find out how easy it is to set up
your docking station

You can customize your Feligan multi-charger with the desired features. You decide the model, the color, the power cable, the number and type of connectors and we will package the multi-charger as you created it.

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Do you have a business?

Improve your customer service standard with an innovative product, useful and appreciated by users. If you have a hotel the Feligan multi-charger allows you to offer your guests additional comfort, because they will have a charging station available that can power multiple different devices at the same time without the need for adapters. Customize the multicharger with your logo and the colors you prefer, to give it an extra touch of style.

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Spare parts and accessories Do you want to replace a piece?

No problem, your multi-charger fits every need. Buy the necessary spare parts and accessories online.

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