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Mobile phones and smartphones

You can recharge any mobile phone!

Top up latest generation mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.

Fotocamere e Videocamere
Cameras and Camcorders

You can recharge any camera and camcorder!

You will be able to recharge mobile phones, cameras and camcorders at the same time!

Lettori mp3 / Multimediali - Auricolari Bluetooth
MP3 players / multimedia players - Earphones Bluetooth

Charge mp3 players, multimedia players and bluetooth devices

The Feligan universal charger charges all types of devices electronic!

Navigatori - Console
Satellite Navigators - Gaming Consoles

The Feligan charger charges Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable ...

... and also the satellite navigator!

Tablet - Computer portatili - Dispositivi elettrici
Tablet - Portable PC - Electrical devices

You can also charge tablets with Feligan chargers!

And with the Feligan model 1500-2 and Feligan 2000hk-2 you also charge laptops by connecting them to universal electrical sockets. In fact, with two universal sockets capable of delivering 2000W of power and two ultra-powerful USB ports you can really do what you want!

You can power any other electrical appliance. Yes, even the hair dryer, the curling iron, the electric razor, the electric toothbrush or the vacuum cleaner if you like!

Frequent questions

Not sure how to replace a component or how to use a connector? We will explain it to you, it is very easy!

Cambiare connettori

Changing the connectors is very easy!

  1. Open the lid

  2. Sostituisci i connettori che vuoi

  3. Close ... done !!

In a few moments you will be able to update and customize your Feligan charger, which will be it always evolved and in step with the times. Feligan is constantly introducing new connectors to the market to charge more devices modern.

Uso connettori

To use the connectors

Pull the connector to the desired length Connect it to what you want to reload

To rewind the connectors

Gently pull the connector until you feel it unlock Accompany the connector which will rewind itself Just pull less than an inch to unlock the connector.

Yes, you can use them in any country in the world. They are designed to work with any voltage (85-250V 50 / 60Hz). Many choose them while traveling, to have in their suitcase what is needed to recharge phones, tablet and any other device. This way you won't risk forgetting your charger or having a suitcase full of cables and adapters.

Feligan uses DHL as an express courier. The typical delivery time is 2-4 working days. You will be amazed by our order fulfillment speed!

Feligan multichargers are manufactured in ITALY Each Feligan product is patented and undergoes three different quality controls. The products are tested one by one to verify their perfect functioning. Feligan also boasts a unique assistance service in the world, always at your disposal provision for every need!

Made in Italy

Feligan has USB ports to recharge any device even at low voltage!

Feligan has universal electrical outlets making it possible to connect devices from every part of the world!

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